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Files2OneDrive is a tool for automatically moving files from a (network) drive to the OneDrive for Business storage of a user in Microsoft Office 365.

Cloud storage

With OneDrive for Business, Office 365 offers huge, personal and cost free storage in the cloud. Companies can reduce their storage and backup costs by using SaaS cloud services.


Configure the pattern Files2OneDrive is using for transporting local files to the cloud. Files2OneDrive automates that process of moving data to the cloud.


The solution is running on a system in your network. You configure the tool as needed.

Files2OneDrive is for...

Typical customers of Files2OneDrive are businesses and organizations who want to automate their files management to the cloud.

There are a lot of scenarios where the usage of Files2OneDrive makes sense: Files with a specific pattern, for example from a CRM or HR system can be stored in a network storage. Files2OneDrive checks changes in that location and moves files to the corresponding user document library in OneDrive for Business.

The user benefits from having all his (personal) documents in a central and huge storage in the cloud that is accessible from anywhere and can be synced to multiple clients.

The organization does not need to take care of providing local large storage systems and costly backups. Instead, the cost free OneDrive for Business can be used for each user's related documents. Benefit from Files2OneDrive!

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Reduce local storage
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Files2OneDrive runs in your network and moves files to the user's corresponding OneDrive for Business drive in the cloud. The pricing is very simple:

The service costs 10 USD per user that is processed per year, regardless how often the service runs on your server.


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